The women of the Academy talk about their experience…

“The World Academy for the Future of Women taught [me] a lot.  I know how to find my passion, how to build a team and empower it.  Also, I know how to deal with the relationship between the leader and follower.”  – Jessica

“At first, I was always a very shy girl, . . . I [could] not give a speech to the public . . . it is indeed a very difficult obstacle for me to overcome.  In order to change this weakness, and to be a powerful leader, I chose to take part in the Academy.”  – Kita

“I have learned to be a powerful leader, how to work as a team, how to express myself bravely, [and] how to act confidently and spontaneously.  The most important [thing] I have learned [is] how to accomplish my dream to make a difference.  Women can make this world different; we must count on ourselves. Believe in it and then give myself a chance to work on it, and, you know what, I found it is a piece of cake!”  – Kara

“Because of the World Academy and our facilitators, I saw more about how everything was going all over the world, and I got more information which is totally different from what I had already known before.  All of these made me realize that, as a young woman, I have the right to realize my own dream and to be an excellent leader.  And I have the responsibility to help other women and men.”  – Grace

“I have learned what qualities a leaders needs and how a leader should be.  It’s about service, not being in charge of somebody.”  – Teresa

“In the Academy, every facilitator encouraged us to have confidence and helped us to find our advantages.  So I know that as women, we have [different] strengths from men in working.”  – Sherry

“Now I am confident to pursue my dreams.  I will . . . open a preschool.  I wan to contribute to [the children education industry in China] and I am confident that I can make a difference.”  – Yanping Tian (Cathy)

“Every week we attended classes given by the facilitators.  We learned to think deeply about ourselves, the abilities a successful woman should have, how to make an effective team, and how to communicate effectively with others.”  – Yangfeng (Bonnie)