Chinese Urban, University and Rural Women

May 16-May 28, 2008

Sias International University, Xinzheng City, Henan Province – CHINA

In May 2007, Global Interactions coordinated the first ever Symposium on Women’s Issues on the SIAS International University Campus. Due to it’s great success, it will become an annual event. The program will be expanded for 2008.

The purpose of this program is to engage American and Chinese women in a dialogue to understand, realize, and prepare for their role in a global society as well as develop strategies to work collaboratively on future projects.

This 3-part program will introduce American women to Chinese women in a dynamic urban setting on a university campus, and in rural areas.

 PART I – 3 days in Shanghai with the Shanghai Women’s Federation visiting work and institutional sites to meet with women and address issues of employment, leadership, business, migrant populations, and community involvement.

PART 2 – 3 days on the campus of Sias International University in Xinzheng where 7,000 women students and their mother, will gather for the 2nd Annual Women’s Symposium: Our Vision for Women in a Global Society. Issues will include life skills, advancement of women, leadership, employment, environment, and balanced lives.

 PART 3 – 3 days in Henan Province visiting rural villages, HIV and health clinics, work force development sites, and rural development projects addressing environmental issues.

American Papers & Abstracts

  • Fatimah Halim “Rites of Passage: A Blueprint for Womanhood”
  • Theressa Jackson “Valuing Diversity”
  • BJ Katz “Global Aspects of Leadership: Woman Artist as a Leader” and “Youth in the Arts”
  • Carol LeMaster “Opportunity to Challenge Discrimination in the Workplace”
  • MaJing “Keep Fit and Enjoy Your Life More”
  • Danita Rios “Smart Women Finish Rich”
  • Dr. Ave Sims “Women’s Health: Ensuring Lifelong Wellness through Lifestyle Balance, Prevention and a Global Approach”

Keynote Speakers

  • Karen Dickinson “Women Change the World: Women in the Legal Profession in the United States and China”
  • Sherry Liu “What is Your Role in A Harmonious Society?”
  • Sandra Teh “Just Do It”
  • Xu Binhe “Be Proud, China, Because We Are So Beautiful”