April 14-16, 2008

Summit Topics

  •  World Language and Literacy
  • Utilizing Technology Resources
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • Leadership for International Relationships
  • Creativity and Problem Solving


  •  Initiate America-Asia Institutional Partnerships
  • Learn skills to maintain successful relationships
  • Identify programs in 5 content areas for exchanging and sharing information
  • Develop strategies for broadening international programs for your staff and students
  • Prepare staff and students for a global society
  • Expand possibilities for programs and partnerships
  • Meet with existing members of successful partnerships

 U.S. Steering Committee Members

  •  Dr. Lois Adams-Rodgers, Council of Chief State School Officers
  • Kathryn McVey, Arizona Department of Education
  • Joellen Killion, National Staff Development Council
  • Scott McGinnis, Joint National Committee for Languages
  • Sharon Prado, Arizona State University
  • Hiller Spires, North Carolina State University
  • Vivien Stewart, Asia Society
  • Tom Welch, TWelch Consulting


  •  Global Interactions, Inc.
  • China International Conference Center for Science and Technology

U.S. Planning Partners

  •  Arizona State University
  • Arizona Department of Education

Collaborating Organizations

  • Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals
  • Asian American Youth Leadership Conference
  • Council of Chief State School Officers
  • Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, North Carolina State University

Keynote Speakers

  •  Shawn Chen, Sias International University, “Sias, A Very Different Model of Education in China”
  • Cindy Elliot, Fort Hays State University, “The World is Flat; But Educational Partnerships Don’t Have to Be”
  • Dr. Valerie Greenhill, e-Luminate Group, “21st Century Skills and the Global Arena”
  • Dr. Peter Senge, Society for Organizational Learning, “
  • Steven Sumner, Sias International University, “Environmental Initiatives on Sias Campus”
  • Dr. Yang Ning Yuan, Sias International University, Memory Engine and Third-Brain Learning System”

Abstract Topics

  •  “American and Chinese Teacher Perspectives on Integrating New Media Literacies into Classroom Instruction” -Dr. Hiller Spires
  • “One Hundred Years of Chinese Children’s Books” -Carol Newman and Joan Gallini
  • “A Study of the Relationships Among Junior High Principal’s Knowledge, Leadership, Learning Community and Effectiveness of School Innovation Management in Taiwan” -Hwang Chiou-Raun and Lin Hsin-Fa
  • “Creating Connections in Writing Sense of Place” -Ann Gardner
  • “CONEXIONES Migrant Education Program: Enhancing Literacy Through Technology” -Dale Parcell
  • “The Quality of Education is the Life of the School” -Hua Fuyuan
  • “The Future City Competition: An Educational Program that Effectively Integrates with Experiential Learning” -Michael Andrews
  • “Exploration and Practice for Improving Self-Instruction in Middle School” -Chen Jiangpo
  • “Preparing Students to Thrive in the Gene Age” -Xan Simonson
  • “A New Atmosphere in Learning” -Xu Peijun
  • “Engaging Students in Science Content Through Game Base Learning Environments” -Dr. Hiller Spires
  • “High School Biotechnology Outreach and Partnership” -Richard Fisher
  • “Video Conferencing: Building Communities via Interactive Television” -Amy Chayefsky
  • “NASA’s Globe Program: Asia and Pacific STEM Partnerships Developing Global Citizens” -Teresa Kennedy and Eric Stonebraker
  • “Using Space Exploration to Bring Diverse Populations Together” -Brian Grigsby
  • “A School Principal Should Be A Parent, An Entrepreneur And Particularly An Educator” -Sun Zujie
  • “A World Symposium: A Way to Create Sustainable Relationships” -Deborah Daiek
  • “Building Sustainable Relationships” -Dr. Suzanne Martin
  • Global Economic & Cultural Impact of International Schools in China” -Dennis Yee
  • “The Positioning of Education Development in Xishan District During the Process of Urbanization” -Ding Borong
  • “Exchanges Leading to Change: An Example of Friendship, Understanding and Promise” -Richard Effland