“The whole China trip was amazing and it is very hard to pick just three of my favorite things that I did there.  However, the trip to the Great Wall, the trip to the Hutong area, and the trip to the Kindergarten are the things I find myself talking about the most when someone asks how I liked China.  The Great Wall was a marvel.  When I was on it, I just thought about how it seemed to go on forever, and all of the people it took to build it.  It was one of those things you hear about and think how interesting it would be to go there, but to actually be there was amazing.  The Hutong area allowed me to see how most of China lives like.  Taking the rickshaws through the neighborhood was a fun way to see everything.  Finally, when I was at the Kindergarten, I was intrigued about how much these kids were learning.  They were learning astronomy, dental hygiene, and a ton of art; things I didn’t learn until about fifth grade.

–Accompanying person from 2005 China-US Conference on Education

“I better understand how China’s rapid economic growth has social as well as environmental consequences.  For example, we learned about the disruption of small village schools in the west as poor farmers migrate to the jobs found in the east.  I appreciated the concern China’s policy makers have for their society’s children.  In America we also struggle, and at times fail, to protect children from the harmful influences and individuals on the internet.  Often during periods of change in societies the vulnerabilities of children are exploited.  After hearing the discussions and having time to think, I better understand their cautious approach.

–Delegate from 2007 China-US Forum on Youth At Risk